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Shipment of our product

“SMART STONE” is a light material weighing about two kilograms per one square meter
That significantly reduces transportation costs.
The material is packaged in cardboard according to the building plates size.
On average, one cardboard basket holds 4,5 – 10 m2.
The material can be shipped in any country by sea, air, train, or road.
20 containers hold 7500 – 8500 m2 of product on euro-pallets or 9000 m2 without.

Smart Stone Transport logistics on EXW terms: 
«Ex Works»/«ExWarehouse» - international regulation for trade terms «Incoterms 2020».
For shipping cost estimations and logistics, please, consult with your freight forwarder.
Transportation logistics scale up on the level of city, region, country and globally.

Product packaging

One cardboard basket, according to the size, holds 4,5 – 9 m2 of the product.

One sea container of twenty tons holds 7500 m2 on euro-pallets.

Our factory conducts deliveries from 100m2 anywhere in the world.

We have access to a bigger number of airports around the world that do not authorize regular flights, providing faster shipment. 


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